It’s time to look at some more places to visit in Wheaton IL. I’m amazed at how beautiful this city is, and I imagine it as a great place to raise a family. It’s also a wonderful place to take a family vacation. There are plenty of spots to enjoy nature in Wheaton IL. Check out these picks for things to do in Wheaton, Illinois.

Herrick Lake Forest Preserve is located at 3S580 Naperville Road. This forest preserve is great for picknicking, fishing, kayaking and so much more. The walking paths are crushed gravel according to reviews, and they go on for miles. People say that the preserve is clean and gorgeous. You will find boat rental docks there, too.

Dry City Brew Works is located at 120B North Main Street. Dry City Brew Works is a local brewery, and there are great craft beers to try. The scotch ale and coffee stout are two suggestions according to the reviews. If you want to try the coffee stout, one mentioned is called Providence. Expect a down to earth local brewery with a small selection but a warm welcome.

Morton Arboretum is a beautiful place, and you will find it at 4100 Lincoln Avenue. People say that this attraction is a great place to visit all year long, during all four seasons. It is also said that there is something for everyone, activities for all ages and all interests. There are seasonal exhibits, and there is guided tram tour that is offered. You can simply go hiking, too, if you want, and well, there’s a ton to do there. You will see that when you get to Morton Arboretum.

Lilacia Park is another beautiful area of Wheaton. The address for this place of interest is 150 South Park Avenue. One reviewer refers to this park as a secret garden. That makes me want to see it for sure. Lilacs are fragrant, so you’re going to enjoy that, too, as you check out the beautiful scenery while strolling the walking paths. The park is said to be well-maintained, and reviews mention that the caretakers do something special during Christmastime.

How do those four main attractions in Wheaton sound to you? There are quite a few areas where you get to be out in nature as mentioned. Wheaton is known for being a gorgeous city. You’re going to have quite the vacation to talk about when you get back home, and I bet you have some beautiful pictures, too.